Tuesday, December 25, 2012



                                    Remembering the reason.....

Thursday, July 5, 2012

I'm ready for a change and I need your help

I'm ready for a new blog look--but, before I do that I need to find a new name, one that will stick forever.

I'm moving to 5th grade so it could have the word fifth in it, or my last name is Squier so it have that in it.  ANY IDEAS?

I usually decorate my room in blue and green and have many frogs sitting around.

So many of you have such cute blogs and ideas that I thought maybe you help me out.


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Yertle the Turtle

Making the shell

More creativity


Almost done

What a great day the kids had, reading the story and then stacking the turtles.  I figured that the kiddos would fight over who got to be on top, but to my surprise everybody wanted to be on the bottom as "Mack"

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Fraction Freebie

But, I need some help--I have created this game in Power Point and saved it as a pdf.

I then uploaded it into Google Docs.

Now the problem............When I open it the background only shows in the upper left hand corner, does anyone know how to fix this or tell me wht I'm doing wrong.

When I click on the download original it is fine,  puzzling........

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Light Bulb Moments and Award

I had a little girl have a light bulb moment today and not only was I proud of her, but she was proud of herself. 

I have had a long and stressful week and have been feeling "kinda" down.  After a meeting recently, in which we talked about ways to encourage and boost self-esteem in students, I decided to present her with a LIGHT BULB AWARD.

Feel free to download it and try it in your room.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pencil Cans

     Anyone else get tired of the noise and mess of students digging all over for the red grading pen or high-lighter that you gave out earlier in the week, or the constant hand in the air asking if they can sharpen their one and only pencil?             Well, I do!!!               I have had pencil cases of all sizes, shapes and makes, but just hadn't found anything that I loved.  This past weekend, we enjoyed a 3 day weekend due to MLK Day and my lovely, wonderful, crafty, awesome sister covered these cans for me.  I took them to school on Tuesday and attached them to the desks with a Velcro dot and WALLA--so far so good. I gave every student a new pencil with a name flag on it, a red pen and a high-lighter, it was like Christmas.
     The next thing I did was start pulling a name (Popsicle stick) out of a can every day and if I feel like the student has done a good job of behaving and participating throughout the day he/she gets a jem to decorate the can, if the student didn't do such a great job, I tell them if it was a boy or girl but that is it, no name.  I got this idea from Mr. Coley's website, I think he called it "Secret Seat" and let me tell you----the kiddos will remind you if you forget----they want to add that bling.  The first picture is my can, I have only done this for 3 days so one student doesn't have all of those jems yet.  It warms my heart when they say "Can we take these home at the end of the year?"  The little things in life :)